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The main objective of the Power Transmission Company Nepal Limited (PTCN) is to build, maintained, and operate the transmission system between Nepal and India for the purpose of export and import of electricity.

The chief mission of the company is to boost the country’s power trade by facilitating the bulk transfer of electric power with the country and also across the boundaries of Nepal. In the present context, the company is striving to exercise the highest standard of ethics and conduct business relations while ensuring compliance to the legal framework, fairness, integrity, and environmental impacts as our acts and interest of stakeholders.

PTCN was incorporated on 30th Bhadra, 2064 while aiming to be a competitive Transmission service provider of Electric power across the country. With a secure and sustainable investment, our motto is to enhance the power trade being transparent in the business and financial transactions. We are the company that sticks to each applicable law & regulate governing company business, avoids the conflict of interest in work, and creating a safe workplace.



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